Burundi — Flow Monitoring Dashboard : Burundi/DRC Border (September 2020)

26 Nov 2020 Burundi Download

This Dashboard provides an analysis of the trends in population mobility observed at five (5) flow monitoring points (FMPs) established at unofficial border crossings between Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo at Kagazi Tr4, Kagazi Tr6, Kigazura, Ndava Tr6 and Rukana Tr1. Over the reporting period, a total of 925 movements were observed at these points. This represents a decrease of 19 per cent as compared to the daily average movements observed in August 2020. About 43 per cent of all movements were incoming and 57 per cent were outgoing, with all the movements travelling towards the Democratic Republic of the Congo, also the main country of origin for incoming movements. The migration movements tracked have decreased by 97% as compared to March 2020 (28,348 movements), following the decision taken by the Burundian authorities to restrict movements into the country in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.