Belgium — TCNs Arriving from Ukraine, Round #2 (April 2022)




DTM Europe,
Period Covered
Mar 22 2022
Apr 25 2022
  • Survey
  • Flow Monitoring

Between 22 March and 25 April 2022, IOM conducted a rapid profiling survey of Third Country Nationals (TCN) displaced from Ukraine in Belgium. The study is intended to gather initial insights into the profiles, journey and intentions of third country nationals displaced from Ukraine. IOM Belgium collected this information at the Fedasil Arrival Center in Brussels, with support from Fedasil. In total, 72 TCNs displaced from Ukraine agreed to voluntarily and anonymously complete the survey conducted by IOM staff. 

Summary: 14% stayed less than one year in Ukraine – 71% has reached higher education level – For 70%, it was the first time they left Ukraine since their arrival there, 30% travelled alone – 31% indicated the desire to return to Ukraine - 68% would like to find a job as soon as possible – 50% of the respondents left Ukraine without an intended final destination - Education is the most needed form of support requested – For information about Belgium, friends, diaspora and relatives are the most important sources of information – The majority of interviewees mentioned the heavy impact of stress, violence and discrimination along the journey from Ukraine.