Bangladesh — Cyclone Mocha: 72 Hours Joint Needs Assessment Report, Rohingya Refugee Response (May 2023)




NPM Bangladesh,
Period Covered
May 14 2023
May 14 2023
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On May 14 at around 15:00 hrs., Cyclone Mocha hit the coastal areas along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border. Many blocks throughout the camps were significantly affected, especially in Teknaf, and the risk of a potential landslide in the affected areas remains unavoidable even though the Rohingya camps escaped substantial damage and the storm did not reach landfall as previously anticipated. Around ten thousand Rohingya refugee households in Cox’s Bazar have been affected by the cyclone, and over 1,000 individuals were displaced and moved to the nearest blocks. 19 Rohingyas were also injured during the cyclone. Besides the shelter damages learning centers, health centers, and mosques were also affected by the cyclone. Several humanitarian actors are working closely to provide immediate responses to the affected households.

To inform an immediate response, NPM in close coordination with the Inter Sector Coordination Group (ISCG) and the Shelter-CCCM sector conducted a 72-hour Joint Needs Assessment (JNA) on 15th and 16th of May in order to support an effective decision-making in meeting the needs and requirements of the affected populations.