Bangladesh — Cox's Bazar Shelter Standard Assessment (January - March 2021)




NPM Bangladesh,
Period Covered
Jan 18 2021
Mar 02 2021
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The goal of the Shelter/NFI Sector is to ensure that every refugee household has access to protection-focused, culturally appropriate Shelter/NFI solutions that provide privacy, security, protection from the elements, reduced exposure to hazards, tenure security, and space to store belongings and live in a dignified manner. To set a benchmark for shelter quality, the SNFI Sector and partners developed Shelter Performance Standards in 2019. The Shelter Performance Standards were approved by the RRRC on 6 January 2020 and consist of two tiers.

1. The first tier is defined as Minimum Performance Standards. There are 19 minimum performance standards, applicable for all shelter upgrades, repairs, maintenance and shelter replacements in the areas that are not re-developed or newly-developed (TSA I, TSA II, repairs and maintenance, other shelter responses)

2. The second tier is defined as Desired Performance Standards. To meet the Desired Performance Standards all Minimum Performance Standards should also be met. Whenever possible, Desired Performance Standards should be met. Applicable for all shelter construction in re-developed and newly-developed areas

• All the shelters developed in those areas need to follow RRRC approved designs

• Only shelters built in accordance with the Desired Performance Standards and approved RRRC designs can be considered as mid-term shelters (MTS)

The Shelter/NFI Sector initiated the assessment to assess the state of the shelters in all camps against the agreed Shelter Performance standards, approved by the RRRC in January 2020 and can be found in the Shelter/NFI Sector Working Paper 2020-2022 and on the SNFI Sector website. This report presents the findings of the shelter standard assessment.