Afghanistan - Survey on Drivers of Migration - Summary Brief Round 3 (April 2021 - August 2021)

05 May 2022 Afghanistan Download

The Survey on Drivers of Migration (SDM) is part of the European Union (EU) funded Displacement Tracking Matrix
(DTM) project "Regional Evidence for Migration Analysis and Policy" (REMAP). The objective of DTM REMAP is to
strengthen the evidence-based formulation and implementation of humanitarian and development policy and
programming on migration and forced displacement in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq
and Pakistan.

Through the SDM, between April 2021 and August 2021 (Round 3) the DTM team in Afghanistan interviewed
18,390 potential migrants1 at informal migration hubs. The DTM Afghanistan team selected 6 provinces with high
international outward migration in which to conduct data collection. The selection was based on the review of
longitudinal multiyear flow monitoring data on outward migration from Islam Qala -Taybad and Zaranj -Milak border
crossings to the Islamic Republic of Iran and beyond. The detailed findings of this survey will be soon published in a
report (IOM, 2022). A quantitative approach was adopted to analyze the drivers of Afghan migration to Europe, the
Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey. The specific thematic areas for analysis include: socio-economic profiles, drivers
and reasons for migration, travel arrangements, problems and vulnerabilities related to journey and mobility history.
This summary brief, extracted from the forthcoming report, provides a background on the interviewed potential
migrants. A summary of the main findings of the forthcoming report can be found in the Annex.


DTM Afghanistan,


Flow Monitoring