Afghanistan — COVID-19 Impact on Points of Entry Report (27 July 2021)




Period Covered
May 05 2021
Jul 27 2021
  • Points of Entry (PoE)

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented containment policies to restrict global human mobility in order to prevent the spread of the virus. To better understand how COVID-19 affects global, national, and sub-national mobility, IOM has developed a global mobility database to map, track and analyze the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Points of Entry (PoE). 

IOM Afghanistan's COVID-19 Impact on Points of Entry Report is meant to serve IOM Member States, IOM, UN and voluntary partner agencies, civil society and the media, as well as the general population, to better understand the present conditions, restrictions and response gaps at PoE. DTM in Afghanistan has been regularly monitoring PoEs throughout the pandemic, since March 2020, utilizing a range of knowledgeable key informants, including International Health Regulations (IHR) officials from the Ministry of Public Health, border officials, cross-border communities, and IOM teams working at key border crossing points. This report is accurate to the best of IOM’s knowledge at the time of compilation. The analysis is always dated and timestamped in order to reflect the reality at a given time. However, as the situation at PoE continuously evolves and changes, despite IOM’s best efforts, the analysis may not always accurately reflect the multiple and simultaneous restrictive measures being imposed at a specific location.