Afghanistan Baseline Mobility Figures (January-February 2024)




Period Covered
Jan 25 2024
Feb 29 2024
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Baseline Assessment

IOM Afghanistan launched the first round of the DTM Baseline Area Assessment B1 in January 2024 as part of its ongoing efforts to collect crucial data on population mobility dynamics, specifically displacement and returns. In particular, the B1 activity seeks to map the presence of mobile population groups, such as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), returnees, and internal migrants, to enable further understanding of conditions, vulnerabilities, and humanitarian needs through targeted data collection and analysis. After implementation of the B1, a subsequent assessment, the Baseline Village Assessment B2, will target all locations that report presence of mobile population groups to verify the results of the B1 and collect more granular information on reasons for mobility, shelter types, and places of origin. 

The following report covers data collected for the B1 in January and February 2024, during which the IOM DTM Afghanistan team was able to completely cover two thirds (23 out of 34) of the provinces in the country. Further data collection to cover the remaining provinces is anticipated in the coming days. For a provisional look at baseline mobility figures for all 34 provinces, see the annex on pages 9 and 10, which combines the current B1 data with data collected during previous DTM activities.