Afghanistan — Flow Monitoring Dashboard :: Torkham—Bab-i-Pakistan (October 2019—September 2020)

01 Oct 2020 Afghanistan Download

This dashboard highlights key findings from DTM's Flow Monitoring implemented at the Torkham—Bab-i-Pakistan border crossing with Pakistan in Nangarhar province. DTM's Flow Monitoring quantifies population inflows and outflows, as well as demographics, travel intentions, origins, destinations and needs of migrants, returnees and other cross-border, mobile populations, thereby informing preparedness and response planning at borders and at places of origin. DTM collects data at Flow Monitoring Points through interviews with both individual travellers and those travelling in groups. Flow Monitoring provides information on the flows of migrants to and from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran, including those who have previously lived abroad as refugees and migrants, have returned to Afghanistan, and are re-migrating abroad again.



Flow Monitoring