Yemen — Rapid Displacement Tracking Dataset(08 August - 14 August 2021)



DTM Yemen,
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Period Covered
Aug 08 2021 -
Aug 14 2021
From 01 January 2021 to 14 August 2021, IOM Yemen DTM estimates that 8,756 households (HH) (52,536 Individuals) have experienced displacement at least once. Between 08 August 2021 and 14 August 2021, IOM Yemen DTM tracked 192 households (1,152 individuals) displaced at least once. The highest number of displacements were seen in: • Marib (62 HH) – Rahabah (32 HH), Marib City (15 HH), Harib (8 HH) districts. Most displacements in the governorate originated from Marib and Al Hudaydah. • Al Maharah (56 HH) – Shahan (46 HH), Al Ghaydah (10 HH) districts. Most displacements in the governorate were internal. • Al Dhale'e (23 HH) – Qa'atabah (14 HH), Ad Dhale'e (8 HH), Al Hussein (1 HH) districts. Most displacements in the governorate originated from Al Dhale'e and Ibb. Most displacements resulted from the increased conflict in the following governorates and districts. • Marib (42 HH) – Rahabah (39 HH), Medghal (2 HH), Marib City (1 HH) districts. • Al Bayda (31 HH) – Az Zahir (19 HH), Na'man (7 HH), Nati' (4 HH) districts. • Al Hudaydah (21 HH) – Ad Durayhimi (8 HH), Hays (6 HH), Al Garrahi (2 HH) districts. Some 77 HH were displaced in the previous reporting period, which covered 01 August - 07 August 2021. However, they were only identified in the current period and so, this figure has been added to the cumulative displacement total recorded from the beginning of the year. Since the beginning of 2021, DTM also identified 528 displaced households who left their locations of displacement and either moved back to their place of origin or another location.
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