Sudan — Displacement Situation (13) — 16 July 2023


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DTM Sudan,
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Baseline Assessment
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May 19 2023 -
Jul 16 2023
The current total estimate of recently displaced individuals across Sudan has reached 2,613,036 Individuals (523,142 Households). The current assessment has observed the IDP caseload in all of Sudan’s 18 states. The highest proportions of IDPs have been observed in River Nile (16.38%), Northern (13.73%), White Nile (10.25%), and Sennar (8.08%) states. Field teams report that the IDPs observed were originally displaced from eight states. The majority (73.13%) have been reportedly displaced from Khartoum state; followed by West Darfur (8.01%), North Darfur (7.26%), South Darfur (6.34%), Central Darfur (4.58%), North Kordofan (0.37%), South Kordofan (0.30%), and Aj Jazirah (0.01%).
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