Sudan — Baseline Assessment — Migrants Master list — Round 6


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DTM Sudan,
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Period Covered
Jan 01 2023 -
Mar 31 2023
IOM estimates a total cumulative number of 1,688,083 of foreign nationals across Sudan. Included in this figures are 1,129,090 refugees and asylum seekers as estimated by UNHCR and the Commission for Refugees, and 558,993 foreign nationals as identified by DTM field teams during data collection operations.5 This figure of foreign nationals is an assessment of population presence in targeted locations and is not meant as quotable figure for the whole of Sudan. Following data collection for Mobility Tracking Round Six, DTM field teams estimated that a total accumulative number of 558,993 foreign nationals (120,941 households) were located across in 708 locations, in 122 localities, across 17 states in Sudan.6 Overall, the majority of foreign nationals (including both DTM’s and UNHCR’s estimate) identifies South Sudanese as the largest population (73.5% of the total count). This is followed by Eritrean (10.0%), Ethiopian (7.1%), Syrian (5.5%), Central African (2.8%), Chadian (0.6%), and Yemeni (0.1%) – with other nationalities making up 0.4% of the population. Looking specifically at DTM field teams, the majority of foreign nationals identified by were South Sudanese nationals (79.5%), followed by Ethiopian (8.7%), Eritrean (6%), Central African Republic (4%), and Chadian (1%), among other nationalities (<1%).
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