Somalia — ETT (Drought) — Bay Region - R1 to R7 (17 Sep - 17 Nov 2022)


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DTM Somalia
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Sep 17 2022 -
Nov 17 2022
In early 2022, as the drought continued to worsen with displacement increasing in Somalia, DTM team started to pilot an Emergency Trends Tracking (ETT) tool in Gedo region to monitor displacement trends and hotspots in support of operational planning. In July 2022, four failed consecutive rainy seasons have resulted in 90% of the country experiencing severe drought conditions. Considering the extension of the drought, DTM team decided to expand its ETT to Bay region as data providers reported significant displacements from June 2022 in the region. To avoid duplication/maximization of resources, this expansion was done in close coordination with the CCCM Cluster to ensure that the ETT focuses on host community locations and IDP sites that are not covered by the CCCM Cluster’s New Arrivals tracker. This is to avoid duplication and ensure maximization of resources. ETT is a crisis-based tool that tracks sudden displacement triggered by specific events or emerging crises. The objective of ETT is to help prioritize humanitarian response and to enable partners to deliver rapid assistance. Based on previous drought induced displacement patterns, and the ones observed since the beginning of the drought, the humanitarian community expects that people will move from rural to urban areas in search of humanitarian services. Consequently, this ETT tool which concentrates only on drought induced displacements, focuses on the main urban centers and surrounding villages for each district. The data is collected through Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) at the location level, from Sunday to Wednesday every week. All locations assessed are monitored each week. The CCCM Cluster New Arrivals was established in early 2022 in response to the drought to provide weekly updates on new arrivals entering CCCM partner managed IDPs sites. The system allows CCCM partners network staff to report daily or weekly on new arrivals in CCCM partner managed sites.
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