Baseline Assessment — Nord Kivu — Round 44 (Cycle 9)


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  • Mobility Tracking
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Period Covered
Feb 14 2023 -
May 04 2023
During this ninth evaluation cycle conducted between February and May 2023, the DTM evaluations made it possible to count a total of 2,544,880 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the province of Nord-Kivu, including: 2,156,803 IDPs in the host community over the last 36 months (compared to the 1,779,202 arrivals over the last 24 months), 242,462 people through the 230 spontaneous sites and collective centers, and 145,615 people in the 36 sites under the coordination of the CCCM mechanism identified as part of this exercise. This represents a 40 percent increase compared to the stock of 1,817,860 people on the move during the last assessment conducted for the month of September 2022.
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