Afghanistan - Emergency Community-Based Needs Assessment - Round 15 (March-April 2022)


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  • Mobility Tracking
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Period Covered
Mar 01 2022 -
Apr 30 2022
Since December 2019, the Community-Based Needs Assessment (CBNA)has been included as a standard component of the Baseline Mobility Assessment (BMA) exercise as a way to provide a more comprehensive view of multi-sectoral needs in settlements hosting IDPs and returnees. In Round 15, the DTM team in Afghanistan deployed a limited version of the CBNA questionnaire, called the Emergency Community-Based Needs Assessment (eCBNA) in order to focus on communities’ most acute needs and vulnerabilities. The objective of the one-time eCBNA is to understand communities’ most acute needs in order to facilitate programming priorities and geographical targeting of assistance, by supplying summary statistics of food-related needs and coping mechanisms, and basics of household finances.
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