Displacement Tracking Matrix Educational Materials


Apr 27 2018 Print

Apr 27 2018

The displacement of people within their own countries is a matter of increased concern worldwide, most especially among those involved in humanitarian work.  

“The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) is a system to track and monitor the displacement and population mobility. It is designed to regularly and systematically capture, process and disseminate information to provide a better understanding of the movements and evolving needs of displaced populations, whether on-site or en route.”

The following material provides a brief presentation which can be used to increase partners knowledge an understanding of DTM.


Daniel Szabo,
Preparedness and Response Division (PRD) | Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM)
Department of Operations and Emergencies (DOE) 
International Organization for Migration (IOM) 
The UN Migration Agency
dszabo@iom.int or dtmsupport@iom.int 


Thomas R. Mueller, Ph.D., GISP 
Geography Professor, California University of Pennsylvania, California, PA
Geospatial Graduate Studies Professor, Northeastern University, Boston, MA