Czechia — Accommodation and Financial situation of Ukrainian Refugees (Aug-Sept 2023)




DTM Europe,
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Aug 08 2023
Sep 27 2023
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As of 30 November 2023, 371,325 refugees from Ukraine including TCNs registered for temporary protection in Czechia according to national authorities. This unprecedented situation puts enormous demands on everyone involved, from the refugees themselves, to the state administration, to all citizens of Czechia.

The need to provide accommodation and basic financial support for refugees was a huge challenge since refugees started arriving in the first months of 2022. Until July 2023, accommodation for refugees from Ukraine has been funded by the state. This, however, changed when the legislative amendment known as "Lex Ukraine V" came into force (further referred to as “Lex Ukraine", with changes to refugee housing support and the calculation of humanitarian financial support. These changes affected a significant number of refugees from Ukraine.

The aim of this report is to describe housing and financial situation of Ukrainian refugees in Czechia with data collected between August and September 2023, and to draw attention to those who are among the most vulnerable in terms of their financial situation.