Sudan — Baseline Assessment — Seasonal Returnees — Round 6


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DTM Sudan,
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Jan 01 2023 -
Mar 31 2023
DTM estimates a total accumulative number of 32,221 seasonal returnees (6,609 households) within 79 locations, in 35 localities across 10 states. In Round Six, DTM teams observed populations who returned to their habitual residence on an impermanent basis – due to seasonal changes and cultivation, harvesting and livestock purposes. These population figures are expected to remain influx and observe drastic changes over the course of each year, as people continue to move with the seasons. As of first quarter 2023, East Darfur hosts over a third (34%) of all seasonal returnees in Sudan. North Darfur hosts the second largest proportion (18%) of seasonal returnees, followed by South Darfur (14%), Blue Nile (13%), Red Sea (6%), West Darfur (6%), West Kordofan (4%), South Kordofan (2%), White Nile (2%), and Central Darfur (1%).
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