Chad — Emergency Tracking Tool 173 (September 2023)




DTM Tchad,
Période couverte
Aug 01 2023
Aug 22 2023
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Event Tracking

The purpose of the Emergency Tracking Tool (ETT) is to collect information on large and sudden population movements as well as on security and climate emergencies. Information is collected through key informant interviews or direct observation. This dashboard provides information on movements which occurred during the period from 01 to 22 august 2023, in Lac Province.

During August 2023, several security incidents have been observed in the Lac province, resulting in thousands of displacements. A total of 1,765 households (6,900 individuals) were affected by displacement in August, which is 58 per cent less than the period of July 2023. It is noteworthy that the majority of these individuals (84%) were members of local communities before this new displacements. Furthermore, these displacements were mainly caused by preventive movement following armed attacks (38%). Indeed, 81 per cent of the displacements occurred within the same sous-preféctures, which means that these individuals took refuge in localities situated in the same sous-préfectures as their provenances (see table 1). The most reported immediate needs were food (33%), shelter (30%), water (20%) and non-food items (17%).