How can DTM and Partners get in touch?


Jan 01 2020 Print

Cooperation only works when it is a shared responsibility: DTM should endeavour to engage them from the start, as much as Partners should do the same.   

DTM data are used by large number of partners, including Disaster Management Authorities, Ministries, Inter-Cluster, CCCM Cluster, other Clusters, AoRs, Sectors and Working Groups as well as individual organizations and IOM programmes.  

Attending IMWG and/or Needs Assessment working group meetings is an excellent starting point to meet DTM coordinator and partners. In addition, contact details of partners and DTM coordinator can be identified through Inter-Sector/Cluster Working Group lists and DTM can approach OCHA or the entity in charge of coordination to obtain the list of partners working in the response.

To find contact details, DTM &Partners can:

  • Contact the local IOM office, the local office of the partner, the lead agency for that cluster/sector/WG.
  • Approach OCHA or the entity in charge of coordination to obtain the contact list including DTM coordinator and partners working in the response.
  • Check if Humanitarian ID has created a list of colleagues working in the response.
  • Ensure partners and DTM Coordinator contact details are in Humanitarian ID.
  • Check if Humanitarian Response has published a contact list online.
  • Attend the IMWG and /or Needs Assessment Working Group to obtain contact details and share own.
  • Ask colleagues who attend the Inter-Sectoral WG and other coordination meetings to share DTM coordinator’s contact details and obtain partners’ details.
  • Contact details of DTM coordinators are always available writing to HQ support (
  • Contact details of partners can be also obtained contacting the local partner’s office directly or writing to HQ support ( asking them to obtain contact details form the Global Clusters and WGs.


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