Why is DTM and Partners cooperation essential?


Jan 01 2020 Print

The VENN Diagram below was developed under the Grand Bargain work stream on Needs Assessments: it explains why cooperation between Data users and Producers is essential to Evidence-Based Decision-Making along a predictable process for data collection and analysis that supports humanitarian decision-making.

Cooperation is essential, as DTM and partners bring different skillsets to the joint process of evidence-based decision-making. DTM brings the expertise on assessment and data collection (in addition to expertise on data and IM, with partners Information Management colleagues). Partners are the Subject matter experts and the decision makers (for their response). DTM and Partners both bring expertise on cultural/context, through their local staff, local organizations, local service providers.

Venn Diagram

The diagram is available on the Grand Bargain IASC website and in different languages (English, French, and Spanish).


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