Ukraine — Research Report — From Place to Place: Community Perception of Displacement and Durable Solutions in Ukraine (May 2024)




DTM Ukraine,
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Feb 12 2024
Mar 15 2024
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The War in Ukraine has caused massive displacement, with about 3.7 million people forced to flee their homes, land, and families. Most of them want to go back to where they came from, underlining the pressing need for a recovery and transition strategy that links humanitarian and development efforts, addresses the immediate needs of the communities affected by displacement, and prepares them for their collective future. Aware of this necessity and in line with the global action on internal displacement, the Ukrainian government, the UN, and partners are implementing a comprehensive recovery and transition plan that prioritises data-based approaches and participation so that the displaced people and their host communities can shape and achieve lasting solutions to their displacement.

This research report examines the views of the displaced and their hosts to understand their experiences, hopes, and preferences for durable solutions. It provides useful insights to inform the creation of a 'Joint Analytical Framework' in Ukraine to track progress towards solutions pathways and guide future policies and programs.