Nigeria — Biometric Registration Update Report 2 Benue State (1 December 2023)




DTM Nigeria,
Snapshot Date
Nov 30 2023
  • Registration
  • Biometric Registration

Six LGAs have been mapped as locations with IDPs in Benue State based on DTM Round 11 (March 2023). So far, the biometrically registered IDPs have covered the location of Makurdi LGA (5 camps and 2 host community sites), Guma LGA (2 camps and two host community sites), Logo LGA (2 camps and 2 host community sites), Kwande (1 camp and 1 host community site) and currently ongoing in Agatu LGA (2 host community sites).

The registration has shown that Guma LGA has the highest number of IDPs, with 23,283 individuals (6,750 households), followed by Kwande with 15,934 individuals (3,232 households), then Makurdi with 14,041 individuals (4,150 households). Logo had 13,632 individuals (3,314 households). The registration is ongoing in Agatu LGA, with 21,895 registered individuals (5,649 households).

During the registration, 10,191 individuals were identified with vulnerabilities and specific needs (including but not limited to serious medical illness) and have been referred to UNHCR/FJDP for further support. All registered IDPs have received biometric cards with unique numbers for easy identification. The registration is an ongoing process.