Nigeria — Transhumance Tracking Tool Report — Early Warning Dashboard 1 — Batsari, Dan musa, Jibia and Kankara LGAs, Katsina State (August 2023)




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Aug 01 2023
Aug 31 2023
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The Transhumance Tracking Tool (TTT) collects key data on transhumance movements in Katsina State, with the aim of providing the information needed for the implementation of support programs for populations on the official and unofficial transhumance corridors.

To better understand transhumance movements trends and the impact of vulnerabilities on transhumant communities, IOM has developed the Transhumance Tracking Tool (TTT) through its displacement tracking matrix (DTM). The purpose of the early warning alert system is to identify events related to the use of natural resources, agro-pastoral practices and herders’ movements that is linked to events or massive/unexpected movement of livestock that could cause a conflict. To understand existing conflict resolution methods, and to inform competent authorities to reduce tensions in the affected areas of intervention. This system makes it possible to identify alerts related to a conflict event (event alert) or to a massive, early, late or unexpected movement of livestock (prevention alert) that could lead to conflict. These alerts, once transmitted to the various actors, are used for conflict prevention or actions towards resolutions.

This report presents data from the alert tool for the month of August 2023. A network of key informants selected from members of the Community Response Networks (CRNs) and LGA-based team leads were used for data collection.

During the month of August 2023, the TTT Early Warning tool captured 32 alerts in Batsari, Dan Musa, Jibia and Kanakara LGAs of Katsina State. The triangulated alerts included 32 (100%) events, no (0%) massive/sudden movements were recorded during the period. The event alerts spread across 76 per cent of the wards in the four operational LGAs. Bugaje and Hurya wards located in Jibia and Kankara LGAs respectively, share the highest number of recorded event alerts. conflicts in these locations.