DTM Central Data Dictionary


Jan 31 2023 Print

The Central Data Dictionary is a dynamic web-based platform that is vastly accelerating humanitarian data collection and analysis around the world, consisting in three parts: (1) a sophisticated, multilingual repository for thousands of expert-informed data indicators optimized for sector-wide relevance; (2) a Form Builder component that facilitates unprecedented speeds in deploying data-generating tools in the field; and (3) an automated analysis suite that enables novel, real-time exploration of data trends. The integrated combination of these components in the Central Data Dictionary has the potential to remake considerable swaths of the humanitarian data ecosystem to the benefit of vulnerable populations everywhere.

The DTM Data Dictionary helps to standardize DTM operations and reduce the time needed to set up a new operation/DTM round or manage existing operations. It provides user-friendly access to the DTM Data Dictionary, resources to aid the development of DTM forms, and will eventually include automatic DTM form creation, the capabilities to collect and store DTM data and produce visualizations, analyses and reports.  

The Data Dictionary is a centralized repository of information about the data fields used in DTM collection tools that must be used when planning and setting up DTM operations. It will help define the fields to be included in the DTM data collection tools and ensure, using core indicators, compatibility across data sets from various operations. Using the Data Dictionary at an early stage helps develop new databases that are in harmony with regional/global databases and allows for simplified and prebuilt data analysis, especially using data across several countries or operations.  

DTM ensures that operational priorities remain at the core of deployment in country operations and allows for flexibility when drafting data collection tools and setting-up databases.