Nigeria — Transhumance Tracking Tool Report — Early Warning Dashboard 7 (July 2022)




DTM Nigeria,
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Jul 01 2022
Jul 31 2022
  • Event Tracking

The Transhumance Tracking Tool (TTT) Early Warning System, as a component of the IOM's Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM), with support from community focal points and key informants, collects information on alerts relating to transhumance activities and movements in Adamawa state. This report presents TTT Early Warning data collected in July 2022 in five LGAs of Adamawa State (Demsa, Girei, Lamurde, Numan and Mayo-Belwa). During this period, 290 alerts were recorded, including 247 events (85%) and 43 movements (15%). Events alerts have conflict, clashes, kidnapping for ransom, cattle rustling, robberies etc. The most significant number of alerts occurred in Lamurde LGA (26%), followed by Demsa LGA (24%), Girei LGA (19%), Numan LGA (17%) and Mayo-Belwa LGA (14%). Disaggregated data at the ward level suggested that Kodompti ward in Numan LGA and Gereng ward in Girei LGA recorded high numbers of alerts in July 2022 (each ward at 10% of all alerts respectively).

During the assessment period, some conflict-prone potential risk areas were identified. Demsa, Fufore, Ganye, Girei, Gombi, Guyuk, Hong, Jada, Madagali, Maiha, Mayo-Belwa, Numan Shelleng, Song, Toungo and Yola South LGAs. These potential risk areas are identified through monitoring transhumance movements and the TTT early warning platform.