Nigeria — Flow Monitoring Dashboard 53 (May 2022)




DTM Nigeria,
Période couverte
May 01 2022
May 31 2022
  • Flow Monitoring

IOM, through the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Flow Monitoring tool, collects data at key entry, exit and transit points to better understand population movements across West and Central Africa. The monitoring of population flows allows for the quantification and qualification of mobility flows and trends, migrant profiles, and migratory experiences and routes. Since March 2017 two Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) have been active in Kano and Sokoto in northern Nigeria, monitoring mobility within the country and between Nigeria, Niger and beyond.

During the month of May 2022, a total of 31,854 migrants were observed at the various cross-border flow monitoring points (11,555 individuals entering Nigeria by the FMPs and 20,299 individuals leaving Nigeria by the FMPs). The average daily flow during that month was 1,028, up by 21 percent from the previous month. The increase in daily flow could be attributed to mobility and commercial activities that went back to normal as soon as the month of Ramadan (in the previous month) across the region was concluded. Yet flows in Sokoto decreased during the month, this was a result of increased security concerns (armed banditry attacks and kidnapping activities) in Sokoto.