Papua New Guinea — Internal Displacement Update (Jan - May 2022)




DTM Papua New Guinea,
Papua New Guinea
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Jan 01 2022
May 25 2022
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Pari Andawale community in Tebi LLG: This community was affected by conflict on 11 April 2022. About 70 homes were burnt down and an estimated 1,200 displaced. The IDPs fled to different villages around Hela. DTM data collection is ongoing with the support of community focal points.

Lomia and Tiya communities in Hulia LLG, Koroba Kopiago District: Located approx 40 km South of Tari town. It is reported that about 50 houses were burnt down leaving an estimated 700 people displaced. The conflict started on 12 Apr 2022. Peace negotiations between the two fighting groups are ongoing.

Fugwa and Nalipa communities in South Koroba Kopiago District:Two tribal fights erupted on 10 Apr 2022 and several houses were burnt down in Pundu, Nalipa, Akupu and Parisawi council wards. On 25 Apr 2022 two individuals from Akupa na Nalipa and Paris Awi clans opened fire at a Government official’s residence, injuring at least 20 people. Retaliation resulted in the burning down of houses and displacement Three people died from this conflict. An estimated 2,000 people are displaced from these conflicts. Those affected by these conflict have received support (food and clothing from the nearby churches).