Papua New Guinea — Internal Displacement Update (Jan - Apr 2022)




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Papua New Guinea
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Jan 01 2022
Apr 30 2022
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Pari / Andawale community, Tepi LLG: On 11-Apr-2022, a fight broke out displacing an estimated 500 people from three council wards. At least 60 houses were burnt down, and livestock, food gardens, and trees were destroyed. Nine (9) seed multiplication sites supported by UN FAO and benefiting 60 households were destroyed. The destruction of properties continues. No deaths have been reported to date. Uniformed forces are intervening to stop the fighting. Peace negotiations are ongoing.

Lomia and Tiya communities, Hulia LLG, Koroba-Kopiago District: Located approx. 40km South of Tari town. It is reported that about 10 houses were burnt down leaving 50 people displaced following violent conflict on 12-Apr-2022. Peace negotiations between the two fighting groups are ongoing.

Hulia LLG, Koroba-Kopiago District: Two tribal fights erupted on 10-Apr-2022 and several houses were burnt down. The situation is tense and field teams are yet to gather additional information.

Koroba-Kopiago District: A short, swift attack occurred on 10-Apr-2022 leaving three people dead, and displacing five women, nine children, and two old persons who have taken refuge at a church near Koroba station.

Fugwa, Koroba-Kopiago District: On 25-Apr-2022, two individuals from Akupa na Nalipa and Paris Awi clans opened fire at a government official’s residence, injuring at least 20 people. Retaliation resulted in the burning down of houses and displacement about 100 people in Fugwa. The situation remains tense and more information will be provided as it becomes available.