Bosnia & Herzegovina - MIGRANT PRESENCE OUTSIDE TEMPORARY RECEPTION CENTRES — Round 11 (24 March 2022)




DTM Europe,
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Snapshot Date
Mar 24 2022
  • Migrants presence
  • Mobility Tracking

On 24 March 2022, the eleventh joint data collection exercise was conducted by IOM Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), together with the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs (SFA), and the support of the Red Cross Society BIH (RCSBH) to collect information on the number of migrants and asylum-seekers present in the country. The purpose of the exercise was to provide an estimation of the migrant population (stock) that was not accommodated or registered in any official Temporary Reception Centres (TRCs) at any g iven date. Fourteen teams were deployed for a total of 39 enumerators (27 males and 12 females), plus 11 SFA staff (8 males and 3 females), 13 RCSBH staff (8 males and 5 females).

The data collection exercise was implemented in 7 Cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) and in 5 regions in the Republika Srpska (RS) entity. A total of 233 locations3 in 49 different municipalities were visited: 74 locations in 5 municipalities in Una-Sana Canton, 44 locations in 6 municipalities in Sarajevo Canton, 35 locations in 10 municipalities in Tuzla Canton, 20 locations in 5 municipalities in Herzegovina – Neretva Canton, 4 locations in 4 municipalities in West Herzegovina
Canton, 3 locations in 1 municipality in Bosnian Podrinje Goražde Canton, 2 locations in 2 municipalities in Canton 10, 11 locations in Zvornik, 7 locations in Višegrad, 5 locations each in Vlasenica and Bijeljina, 4 locations in Kozarska Dubica, 3 locations each in Foča and Rudo, 2 locations each in Banja Luka, Gradiška, Rogatica, Srbac, and 1 location each in Milići, Kostajnica, Prijedor, Bratunac and Novi Grad.