South Sudan — Event Tracking (January - June 2021)




DTM South Sudan,
South Sudan
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Jan 01 2021
Jun 30 2021
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Event Tracking

IOM's Displacement Tracking Matrix conducts a country-wide Mobility Tracking exercise in regular intervals to update a comprehensive IDP and returnee baseline. Click to access the latest Mobility Tracking dataset (3,038 villages/neighbourhoods and displacement sites).

In between Mobility Tracking rounds, DTM conducts ad hoc Event Tracking assessment in order to map instances of new displacement or return in short dedicated reports. IOM teams access iDP/returnee locations and consult local key informants including community representatives, local authorities or humanitarian partners and triangulate findings to provide partners with the most accurate as possible, actionable and current data. Complete dataset with location level information is available here.

Between January and June 2021, DTM reported on 268 spontaneous and 11 organized instances of population movement comprising of 411,105 IDPs (82%) and 90,764 returnees (18%) across ten states and Abyei Administrative Area. Localized conflict accounted for most displacement (60%), while further 20 per cent was the result of national disaster (flooding). Forty-four per cent of the IDPs were displaced by localized conflict to locations in Warrap, and 10 per cent in Upper Nile.