Armenia — Baseline Assessment Settlement — Round 2


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Ilona Terminasyan
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Baseline Assessment
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Nov 18 2020 -
Dec 01 2020
This dataset contain data collected in Round 2. Processing: Round 1 data from Migration Service, Government of Armenia was received on 17 November 2020 and Round 2 data on 30 November as export from registration database as aggregates on settlement level with population values by settlement name in Armenian language in 11 regional worksheets. Data was processed by DTM team of IOM in Mobility Tracking baseline database where population values were entered each and one individually for all settlements after location and name verification. The map representing the arrivals in settlements is available through the following link: Aggregated number for tabulation by region are generated from DTM database. Detailed settlement dataset with geographic coordinates and settlement codes (from Armenia statistical office) was generated. Geographic reference Armenia Admin 1,source HDX: Settlement, source:
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