Burundi — Baseline Assessment — Round 72


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DTM Burundi, DTMBurundi@iom.int
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May 02 2023 -
May 19 2023
The baseline assessment aims at providing information on the stock (presence) by colline of IDPs which are categorized into two groups: Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) including IDPs who returned to their colline of origin but not their home and returnees who became IDPs. The baseline assessment also collects information on the cause of displacement and the type of shelter hosting IDPs. Data collection is conducted four times per year by trained Burundian Red Cross volunteers operating at all administrative levels: provinces, communes and collines. From 2 May to 19 May 2023, DTM Burundi has identified 76,987 displaced individuals including 69,535* internal displaced persons and 7,452** returnees from abroad who remain displaced in country accross 1,324 collines (administrative boundaries level 3). *Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs): are Burundian nationals who have been forced to flee or forced to leave their home or their usual place of residence, in particular as a result of armed conflict, situations of violence widespread, human rights violations or natural or man-made disasters or to avoid their effects, and which have not crossed the internationally recognized borders of a State. For the purpose of DTM, only IDPs displaced since 2013 or later are considered IDPs. **Returnees who became IDPs: Burundian nationals who had been displaced outside the country and have since returned (spontaneously or assisted) to Burundi but continue being in displacement (because their houses were destroyed or for other reasons).
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