How do I use DTM Data?​


Jan 03 2020 Print

DTM data contributes to partners’ humanitarian decision making. Partners use DTM MSLA data for numerous outcomes:

  • Use DTM estimates of population and groups at location and national level for planning and advocacy.
  • Use DTM geo coordinates of locations hosting IDPs for operational decision-making.
  • Use DTM data to monitor change over time by location, region and at national level for planning and operational response.
  • Use DTM data to monitor access to services in locations on a periodic basis.
  • Use DTM data to monitor risks in locations on an ongoing basis.
  • Use DTM data to spot sectoral red flags/alerts and follow up.
  • Use DTM data to prioritize locations for their in-depth assessments.

DTM and Global Partners identified common sectoral information needs, then developed Questions and Analysis Plans of those questions. These are called DTM Field Companions and include suggested use of data.  Field Companions per sector/issue /modality are online.

Guidance on use of DTM by specific Partners