Solution and Mobility Index


Nov 21 2022 Print


The Solutions and Mobility Index (SMI) helps identify root causes of fragility through data to address protracted displacement. With an aim to help achieve durable solutions for vulnerable communities, the SMI provides data on stability, peace, development, recovery and reintegration dynamics.


The SMI tracks context-specific data across four key areas: demographic & mobility trends, safety & security, access to services and infrastructure, and social cohesion. The SMI helps identify smaller pockets of stability and fragility by measuring local community perceptions, as well as generating broader, regional data on stability.


The SMI can be applied to contexts experiencing high levels of migration as well as areas that are fragile, conflict-prone, or have protracted vulnerabilities. Deployed on multiple levels, it can identify national trends as well as facilitate a highly localized approach.


Fragility is one of the greatest obstacles to achieving durable solutions for displaced persons. The SMI aims to address fragility by providing essential information to support preventative and responsive resilience-building in support of Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Compact on Migration.


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