What is the DTM&Partners toolkit?​

DTM data is shared with humanitarian actors to inform response. In partnership with many of the Global Clusters, Areas of Responsibility and Working Groups, DTM has developed tools to support and strengthen cooperation in the field and ensure that the data collected is useful to Partners’ humanitarian responses.​

The DTM & Partners Toolkit contains these tools that facilitate implementation in the field: trainings, guidance and examples on IM  for specific sectors, guidance and comics on DTM and Partners cooperation, FAQs, lists of DTM datasets used for decision-making, and the DTM and Partners Field Companion. ​

You can write to DTMSupport@iom.int to propose new tools that will help your work

What is DTM? 

The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) monitors displacement and population mobility to provide critical information to decision-makers and responders during crises, and contribute to better understandings of population flows, needs and resources.

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Methods and sources 

One of the pillars of DTM and Partners cooperation is using the appropriate methods and sources for the needed information.​
Different methods and sources of data collection provide different types of information.  ​
Click here to find out what methods and sources to use for your information needs. 

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Who is a partner? 

Any organization, agency, institution, cluster, and group that can use DTM data for humanitarian response​

Highlights of the month 

"Cooperation in COMICS"

“Pocket Guide to cooperation”: Approach process and roles for better cooperation between DTM and Partners”

Comments by partners 

"Field Companions are helpful to get the data we need for our sector" Partner ​

"Engaging according to the process saves time!" DTM