DTM Standards


Jan 31 2023 Print

The DTM Standards specify the minimum requirements and recommended guidelines to support all DTM staff to successfully implement DTM programmes. The Standards apply worldwide across DTM activities and serve as a reference tool for DTM staff, IOM partners and other stakeholders and users, particularly in the use of DTM data.

Through harmonization of the various DTM guidance documents produced across operations and over time, the Standards make it easier to identify good practices as well as existing gaps. The Standards are being rolled out via the DTM Standards SharePoint site, to help all users to quickly locate and retrieve relevant requirements and guidelines. The Standards are minimum requirements that recognize the importance of consistent safeguards, systematic monitoring and evaluation as well as comparisons of DTM exercises and data across time and context. Developed and reviewed by DTM staff from country, regional and global teams, the Standards also recognize the importance of flexibility and adaptability in DTM’s response to context-specific needs. Changing conditions, innovation and emerging practices will inform revisions to our Standards.