Sudan — Mobility Tracking - Round Five




DTM Sudan,
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Feb 15 2022
Mar 16 2022
  • Mobility Tracking
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The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) is a global IOM system used to track and monitor displacement and population mobility. It has been implemented in over 80 countries worldwide and is designed to capture, process, and disseminate information to provide a better understanding of the movements and evolving needs of mobile populations, whether on site or en route, regularly and systematically. It is comprised of four distinct components, namely: Mobility Tracking, Registration, Flow Monitoring, and Surveying.

Commencing at the start of 2022, DTM Sudan began its preparations for the fifth round of Mobility Tracking; this started with the expansion of DTM data collection to five additional states of operation. Namely, these were: Aj Jazirah, Northern, River Nile, Sennar, and White Nile states. Field teams then re-visited locations covered previously in the first four Rounds to assess ongoing population presence, alongside additional locations within previous states of operation. Data collection was carried out over a month-long period concluding at the end of March 2022 and followed by extensive data cleaning and verification to produce the fifth round of results.

Geographically, Round Five covers 2,161 locations in total – 645 locations in North Darfur, 304 locations in South Kordofan, 258 locations in West Kordofan, 204 in White Nile, 133 locations in South Darfur, 111 locations in West Darfur, 81 locations in Central Darfur, 80 locations in Blue Nile, 52 locations in North Kordofan, 49 locations in Aj Jazirah, 44 locations in Gedaref, 42 locations in
Northern, 40 locations in East Darfur, 37 locations in Red Sea, 32 locations in Sennar, 25 locations in Kassala, and 24 locations in River Nile.

Mobility Tracking Round Five identified the accumulative presence of 3,779,487 IDPs, 1,181,419 permanent returnees from internal displacement, 55,045 seasonal returnees, 148,256 returnees from abroad, and 775,570 foreign nationals currently residing in Sudan.