Sudan – Emergency Event Tracking Report Gereida, South Darfur 006




DTM Sudan;
Snapshot Date
May 24 2021
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Event Tracking

DTM teams activated EET to monitor the displacement of individuals affected by

inter-communal conflict between Falata and Arab tribes in Gereida locality, South Darfur.

Tensions erupted in and around Tuel village on 18 January 2021, following a violent assault

that occurred the day prior. Additional tensions erupted between Falata and Masalit tribes

in Gereida town on 1 March, due to increasing disputes over a local water source. For more

information, please see EET_Gereida, South Darfur_005.


The sixth EET update estimates a total number of 8,465 individuals (1,700 households)

displaced across Otash, Tuel, Dereige, Tulus, Dika, Dagama and Gereida town. Since the fifth

update, there has been a three per cent increase in the captured number of individuals

displaced. Specifically, there has been an increase of 250 individuals (50 households)

displaced in Otash, Nyala North, having arrived from Gerida town due to the ongoing effect

of the clashes in January.


All displaced individuals are Sudanese nationals. At least 550 individuals are reported to have

additional vulnerabilities in need of assistance and support. Reports still indicate 71

individuals of the total caseload have been killed and 88 sustained injuries, whilst at least 258

internally displaced persons (IDPs) have lost personal belongings and livestock. Based on a

ranking scale, the three main priority needs across the total caseload are non-food items,

emergency shelter, and food.