Ukraine — Solid Fuel Assessment Report (January 2024)




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Jan 02 2024
Jan 11 2024
  • Mobility Tracking

This report serves to identify the heating systems employed in Ukrainian households, presents the estimated prices of solid fuel items across different oblasts, and examines the methods and frequency of solid fuel collection by the Ukrainian population. The report investigates the current and future demand, supply, and prices of essential solid fuel products. The overarching objective is to support ongoing humanitarian winterization operations.

Between 2 and 11 January 2024, the Data and Analytics (D&A) team surveyed 287 markets in 23 oblasts and Kyiv City in Ukraine, conducting face-to-face and remote interviews with both local vendors and community focal points (CFPs). In each oblast, data was collected in at least two locations, one urban and one rural and/or near frontline locations, where applicable. In each location, a minimum of two vendors and two CFPs (non-vendors) were surveyed. The CFPs were chosen based on their familiarity with the subject matter and knowledge of winterization preparation at the community level.