RDC — Nord Kivu: Évaluation Rapide de Crise M23 - Round 9 - (Octobre 2023)


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  • Baseline Assessment
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Oct 14 2023 -
Oct 24 2023
Since the start of the M23 crisis, IOM, through the DTM continues to conduct a series of rapid assessments, including emergency monitoring (EET/ERM), crisis analysis and recording with priority to responding to immediate information needs with a view to understanding travel dynamics and needs. This report presents the results of assessments carried out in the different areas of displacement and return between October 9 and 22, 2023. Displacement data collected as part of this ninth crisis analysis shows a further increase in the number of displaced people compared to the previous publication. The number of internally displaced people increased from 824,381 to 908,920 as of October 22, 2023, an increase of 84,539 individuals or nine percent. This assessment made it possible to identify a total of 663,812 returnees (136,426 households) .
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