Yemen — Rapid Displacement Tracking Update (01 January - 31 March 2023)




DTM Yemen,
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Jan 01 2023
Mar 31 2023
  • Rapid Emergency Registration
  • Mobility Tracking

During the reporting period, between 1 January and 31 March 2023, IOM Yemen DTM tracked 2,495 households (HH) (14,970 individuals) who experienced displacement at least once. This compares to 1,172 households (7,032 individuals) in the Fourth quarter 2022 representing an 113 per cent increase. Since the beginning of April 2022, the number of tracked new instances of displacement has been declining with a truce held between conflicting parties. However, the number began to light rise in the first quarter of the year 2023 due to the renewed conflict in Harib Ma’rib, where 326 HHs were displaced due to the conflict from Harib Ma’rib. At the beginning of the year, Al-Qubaytah district in the Lahj governorate also received more than 230 HHs displaced from the Dimnat Khadir district in the Ta’iz governorate. While natural disasters (heavy rains and floods) caused a displacement of 294 HHs in the Radum district in Shabwa in late March.

Safety and security concerns as a result of the conflict were the main reason for displacement, accounting for 72 per cent (1,794 HHs) of the total, followed by economic reasons related to conflict, accounting for 15 per cent (384 HHs). While displacement due to natural disaster reasons (floods) represented about 13 per cent (317 HHs).