Ukraine Returns Report - (16 - 23 January 2023)




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Jan 16 2023
Jan 23 2023
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To support partners in providing targeted, evidence-based assistance to the most vulnerable among those who have returned to their areas of habitual residence following a period of forced displacement, DTM Ukraine presents the third Ukraine Returns report. This January 2023 edition includes a detailed analysis of data collected through the twelfth round of IOM’s General Population Survey, conducted between 16 and 23 January 2023 among the adult population in Ukraine

This edition of the Ukraine Returns Report includes data and an analysis of the profile and intentions of those displaced abroad provided by the IOM Regional Office in Vienna. It also provides preliminary findings from the first round of IOM’s Conditions of Return Assessment (CoRA), a multi-sectoral location assessment deployed across key oblasts of return conducted in January and February 2023. In addition to the core survey modules, Round 12 offers detailed data on the household income of the returnee population, the envisaged usage of financial assistance and average monthly expenditure on utilities and other heating costs.

For the purposes of this report, the terms "return” and "returnee” are used without prejudice to status and refer to all persons de-facto in their place of habitual residence after a significant period of displacement (minimum of two weeks since February 2022), regardless of whether they returned to these locations spontaneously from abroad or from displacement within Ukraine.  This definition excludes those who have come back to Ukraine from abroad but who have not returned to their places of habitual residence in country. 

This Returns report in Ukrainian may be accessed here