Yemen – Intention Survey Ma’rib IDP Sites (September 2022)




DTM Yemen,
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Sep 07 2022
Sep 30 2022
  • Site Assessment

IOM DTM conducted an intention survey in 22 displacement sites in Ma’rib City District and one site in Ma’rib District of Ma’rib Governorate between 7 and 30 September 2022. Two days after the data collection the truce that had been in place since 2 April 2022 broke. However, despite half a year of truce, IOM encountered very few households that intended to leave the assessed displacement sites. There are a total of 61 displacement sites in Marib City District and 198 in Ma’rib Governorate as a whole according to the Yemen Camp Coordination and Camp Management Cluster.

The sample of 2,227 interviewed households represents 11 per cent of the assessed sites total in household population numbers (21,014 HHs) with 14,784 individuals in the assessed households, the average household size was 6.6 individuals.

Site population sizes average around 450 households per assessed site with the exception of Al Jufainah, which currently houses 11,200 families. DTM assessed an average of 12 per cent of each site’s population with a minimum of 40 households, the largest being Al Jufainah where DTM interviewed 1,126 households.

IOM DTM tracks new instances of displacement through the Rapid Displacement Tracking tool in 13 southern governorates under the control of the Internationally Recognized Government. Within this scope, the highest number of newly displaced households per governorate between January and September 2022 was found in Ma’rib. IOM tracked 8,975 new instances of displacement (households) within these nine months of which 2,350 households (26%) fled to or within Ma’rib, followed by Al Hodeidah (1,983 HHs, 22%) and Shabwah (1,448 HHs, 16%).