Niger — Diffa Stability Index Report 1 (November — December 2021)




Niger Migration Data and Research Unit-
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Dec 01 2022
Dec 31 2022
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The instability in the region of Diffa has triggered significant internal displacement of communities in the country of Niger. This complex crisis is fueled by multiple interrelated risk factors, including growing competition over scarce resources, climate change, poverty, lack of livelihood opportunities, communal tensions, demographic pressures, and violence related to organized crime and Non-State Armed Groups. 

In order to find durable solutions for internal displacement — whether through return to communities of origin, local integration, or relocation — and to prevent new displacements in the region, it is critical to understand the relative levels of stability in locations hosting returnees or displaced populations. Therefore, IOM has launched the Stability Index (SI) to evaluate and seek to understand which factors influence a location's stability, which can inform priority programmatic interventions along the humanitarian, peace and development nexus in order to strengthen the resilience and stability and prevent future forced displacements. This report presents the results of Stability Index assessments in the Diffa region of Niger.