Iraq – Presence of foreigners in Iraq (November 2020)




DTM Iraq,
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Jul 01 2020
Aug 31 2020
  • Mobility Tracking

As part of DTM’s migration monitoring activities, the Regional Evidence for Migration Analysis and Policy (REMAP) has been implemented in Iraq since 2019 in response to the critical need to collect and analyze information on displacement and human mobility. The aim of the activity is to strengthen evidencebased formulation and implementation of humanitarian and development policy and programming on migration and forced displacement in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan.

Following the activities of the REMAP project, DTM collected information on the numbers and locations of mobile population groups, in the current case Iraqis who have moved abroad. This document provides an overview of locations hosting either IDPs or returnees in which Iraqis have departed for another country in the year prior to the assessment, with the intention to emigrate. The data presented in this factsheet is taken from the Integrated Location Assessment (ILA) – Round V (completed from 1 July to 31 August 2020). ILA V provides an in-depth look into the situation of displaced and returning populations across Iraq, with a particular focus on the profiling of the locations in which these groups live. The data collected includes the demographic composition of locations, state of infrastructure, services, security, social cohesion and movement intentions for IDPs, and covers both in-camp and out-of-camp settings.

Data collection for ILA V was conducted through a network of key informants across 3,810 non-camp locations hosting either IDPs or returnees (or both).
These key informants were asked about the presence of foreigners, with the option of providing the population number of these persons.