Chad — Mobility Mapping in Chad (June 2022)




DTM Chad,
Snapshot Date
Jun 30 2022
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This report is composed of a set of maps presenting the different migration phenomena and trends in Chad. It describes the various population movements recorded from, to and within Chadian territory and profiles the populations on the move.

The types of mobility covered in this paper include socioeconomic movements; movements of Chadians abroad and of foreign nationals in Chad; transhumance; forced displacement and IOM-facilitated returns. Often, these different mobilities intersect and intertwine. This report attempts to highlight this link and to better understand the related dynamics.

This report is the result of a compilation of various databases, reports from different information sources and testimonies collected directly from mobile populations or key informants. The sources are indicated on each page.

While it can’t be considered complete or representative, the report provides a general picture of the migration situation in Chad.