Ukraine — National Monitoring System: The Situation of IDPs Cumulative Report (March 2016 — June 2016)

30 Jun 2016 Ukraine Download

The objective of the National Monitoring System (NMS) in Ukraine, drawing on DTM approaches, is to support the Government of Ukraine in collecting and analyzing information on the socioeconomic characteristics of IDPs and IDP households as well as on challenges that IDPs are facing. Two thousand four hundred (2400) IDPs and one thousand two hundred (1,200) of locals were interviewed face-to-face in cooperation with the Ukrainian Center of Social Reforms in March-May 2016. Three thousand eight hundred and fifty five IDPs (3,855) were interviewed by IOM staff in June via telephone surveys. Moreover, A list of 608 key informants with their contact information has been formed across the country to monitor the developments of the situation with IDPs in the regions, and Eight (8) focus groups with IDPs and eight (8) focus groups with key informants were conducted in April-May.


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