Ukraine — Displacement Report - Area Baseline Report (Zakarpatska and Lvivska oblastst) — Round 2

16 May 2022 Ukraine Download

Starting on 24 February 2022, the war in Ukraine triggered an unprecedented humanitarian crisis across the country. Between 15 and 30 April the International Organization for Migration (IOM) conducted an area baseline assessment of 75 hromadas* hosting IDPs in Zakarpatska and Lvivska oblasts in western Ukraine in order to gather initial trends on the number of registered internally displaced persons.

Information on almost 170,000 arrivals in the 2 oblasts were compiled. Out of the 110 cities/towns that reported disaggregated IDP figures, Sambir, Yasinia, Tiachiv, Kvasy, and Skole were the five cities with the most IDPs, each hosting over 1,000 IDPs.
Khustska, Stryiska, Chopska, Yasinianska, and Vyshkivska hromadas have reported the largest populations of IDPs with 5,000 or more arrivals from 15 to 30 April. The most frequent oblasts of origin have been Donetska, Kyivska, and Kharkivska.