Uganda – Info Sheet: Multi-Hazard Response/DRR Platform (September 2022)

12 Sep 2022 Uganda Download

Floods, landslides, heavy storms and hailstorms are the major hazardous events that were reported in the month of August 2022. These were triggered by the ongoing rains and have affected the Elgon, Southwestern, Lango and West Nile Subregions. A total of 11,876 individuals were affected, representing 3,279 households. 1,506 individuals from 502 households were internally displaced by the disasters. Adults (19-64) were the most affected population group (48%), followed by children under 18
(42%) and the elderly above 64 (10%). The most pressing needs are health, hygiene promotion shelter, sanitation, livelihood and nonfood items. So far in 2022, 92,444 individuals have been affected by disasters, representing 19,079 households. A total of 13,451 individuals representing 4,170 households have been internally displaced.


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