Somalia — Border Point Flow Monitoring — (July 2021)

13 Aug 2021 Somalia Download

In July 2021, a total of 22,900 movements were observed at 7 Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs). This represents an increase of 62 per cent in comparison with July 2020 when 14,134 movements were observed. 

Doolow,Lowycado, Cabudwaq and Buuhoodle FMPs recorded an increase in movements between these two periods (271%, 217%, 68% and 28%, respectively), while Bosasso, Haridad and Dhobley FMPs recorded a decrease in movement (-9%, -6% and -1%, respectively). 

Cabudwaaq, Doolow, Buuhodle and Lowycado FMPs recorded the highest numbers of incoming flows (26%, 22%, 14% and 14% of all incoming flows, respectively, additionally Doolow, Bosasso and Dhobley recorded the highest numbers of outgoing flows (51%, 20% and 12% of all outgoing flows, respectively). 



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